UK: Manhunt for Imran Safi after ‘three sons abducted’

An urgent manhunt is under way for a father who abducted his three sons from their foster home, police have said.

Imran Safi, 26, is said to have threatened a foster carer with a knife in Coulsdon, south London, last Thursday.

He is accused of taking Bilal, Mohammed Ebrar and Mohammed Yaseen – aged six, five and three.

An image of Mr Safi has been circulated to all ports and borders amid concerns he may attempt to take the boys abroad.

All three brothers were playing in the garden while their foster carer was inside the house on Coulsdon Road when they were taken, detectives said.

The foster carer, who told officers that Safi threatened her with a knife, did not suffer any serious physical injuries but was “understandably distressed”.

It is understood that the boys were due to be formally adopted, a fact detectives believe could have been a motivation for the abduction.


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