Bahamas: Jitney drivers: “We have had enough!”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Jitney drivers said yesterday they have “had enough” and are “greatly disturbed and disappointed” that the sector will not be allowed to resume operations next week.

Harrison Moxey, the United Public Transportation Company’s (UPTC) president, said: “We are not at all pleased with the order released by the Prime Minister’s Office.

“It does not show any compassion or consideration for us. Our business is dying and this is a great economic strain on us. No one is hearing our cry. There is no mention of any stimulus for us. The complaints that are coming in over this whole matter are too grave. This is something we never thought we would see.”

Moxey said: “We are greatly disturbed and disappointed that no consideration was given to us to operate in spite of all the prerequisites we would have met regarding protocols. We would have already expended the limited resources we had and how we are six months in limbo. We have had it. Something needs to be said.

“No one is speaking to us as to when we we will be allowed to operate. Our future is uncertain and it is a very scary situation. It’s really bad.”

The public transportation like numerous sectors was shut down at the onset of the pandemic in March and resumed operations in early July only to be shut down again just weeks later.


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