This browser extension shows you the carbon footprint of your Amazon purchases

When you shop on Amazon, you might look around the site for the best price, or read a product’s reviews to see if it’s really worth buying. With a new browser extension called Neutral, you can also check the carbon footprint of that item and weigh whether that purchase is worth the environmental cost.

Neutral, which is available for Chrome and Firefox, shows the emissions for a product over its entire life span, from its creation to transport to eventual disposal. That information appears right on Amazon, and includes some comparisons to explain the impact of all those emissions. A set of 10 reusable freezer bags, for example, has a carbon footprint of 6.6 kilograms of CO2, equivalent to 26.2 kilometers (about 16 miles) of driving emissions, or 98.7 kilograms of glacial ice melted, according to Neutral. The carbon footprint of a robot vacuum is 97.8 kilograms of CO2, equal to 389.6 kilometers (242 miles) of driving or 1,466.9 kilograms of glacial ice melted.


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