Guyana: Firm behind alleged Ponzi scheme sets conditions for reimbursement of clients

Accelerated Capital Firm Inc (ACFI), the company which is now at the centre of a huge suspected Ponzi scheme investigation, is calling on authorities to release its Director Ateeka Ishmael and Financial Advisor and Trading Operator Yuri Garcia Dominguez and drop all charges against them.

 “We kindly ask to the authorities to release our Directors that are currently in custody, so that the payments to our clients can be resumed successfully,” the company said in a statement, as it outlined other measures it wants compliance with, saying that in meeting them, those persons could be refunded.

“The company also ask, as first request, to the entities in charge of this investigation to allow our Financial Advisor to explain how ACF is structured, as second request, drop all allegations of ponzy scheme and allow the company being structured by the Guyana Secu-rities Council, as a third request, facilitate a bank account on behalf of Accelerated Capital Firm INC in order to be able to transfer the funds from our bitcoin wallets into the bank,” the statement added.


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