Disney wants to help brands reach its Black and brown audience more effectively

Back in April, ESPN CreativeWorks worked with agency Translation to create the most memorable ad around the insanely popular Michael Jordan doc The Last Dance. The impeccably timed creative manipulation of ’90s-era Sports Center footage was a slam dunk for State Farm.

Now, ESPN parent Disney today announced a multiyear partnership with Translation to work with brand marketers across all the company’s media properties like ABC, Hulu, and National Geographic.

President of Disney Advertising Sales Rita Ferro says that they had been working on new and more effective ways to engage with more diverse audiences for years. They have a dedicated team focusing on Spanish-language advertising work, but major marketers often would talk about the importance of the African American consumer or the Latino consumer as part of their overall strategy, asking for a solution that would justify the investment in those audiences.

“Ultimately, we were in a place where we knew creative storytelling mattered, but we also wanted to be able to scale it across audiences, and scale the expertise with people who had experience with brands on how to make culturally relevant creative stand out in the media business,” says Ferro. “Disney has scale and brands that matter. We wanted to take that as a foundational platform, and use the best brand partnerships—like we did with Steve and Translation on State Farm, and what we did with CreativeWorks with Ford—to create moments that stand out and drive brands’ business.”


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