#JaVotes2020 | JLP Promises To Boost Land And Homeownership

The ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has outlined a programme of land and homeownership in its 102-page manifesto entitled ‘Stronger Future’ which was launched via a virtual press conference this morning.

The document, which lays out the JLP’s plans to be carried out over a next political term if it wins the September 3 general election, places heavy emphasis on ensuring more Jamaicans are provided with affordable housing.

Top of the list for the party are members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, teachers, nurses, and other civil servants for whom 30 per cent of the 70,000 housing starts will be provided.

Another 10,000 will be allocated to young people between 18 and 35, for whom the JLP has promised that it will provide 100 per cent financing to buy their houses.

Further to this, the JLP has promised that each year the National Housing Trust will invest a minimum of $1 billion in social housing.

Additionally, the party says it will issue over 30,000 titles to Jamaicans who have legitimate claims to land that they have occupied, cultivated, and used for generations.


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