How to keep your career moving forward—even in a pandemic

While the pandemic has slowed down the pace of life, for many, it has also slowed the pace of career advancement. Companies concerned about revenue may not be making new hires or giving out promotions or raises right now. Professional development and training budgets may be slashed or frozen—not that there are many seminars or conferences to go to, anyway.

If you want to keep building your skills and positioning yourself for advancement, you may just have to do it yourself, says Keri Ohlrich, CEO of PR consulting firm Abracci Group and coauthor of The Way of the HR Warrior: Leading the Charge to Transform Your Career and Organization. “You are the main person who controls your own development,” she says. “I worked at really big companies. And [employees] would sit and say, ‘Well, what is the company going to do for me?’ You’re going to wait a long time for the company to do something for you.”

Instead, take matters into your own hands to ensure you’re moving along your career path in the best possible way now.


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