Bahamas: Residents brace for lockdown, say they need more money – not time

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Sandra Cooper, 42, said what she needs to prepare for a complete lockdown in New Providence is not more time, but more income.

She worked with a takeaway business, but the service has been discontinued in compliance with the recent emergency orders that only permit essential services to operate.

Her husband, a hotelier of Atlantis, is among thousands of employees who have been out of work since the resort closed its doors in March.

He has been unable to find supplemental income, but has applied to the National Insurance Board and the Department of Social Services for assistance.

Her teenage daughter provides the single source of income for the home at current, “getting couple dollars doing packing” at Super Value.

Her son celebrated just celebrate his fourth birthday.

As he played in the front yard of their apartment off Wulff Road, Cooper said the boy remains largely unaware of the challenges in the home and those facing the nation.

She said she does her best to limit interaction with the public, but it has not been easy having to visit public institutions where there have been large crowds.

“We don’t hardly have enough, but we try,” Cooper told Eyewitness News.

When asked if she had enough food in the home, she responded: “No. no. no. We still need groceries.

“We don’t have enough and my husband doesn’t work, you know. We don’t have it since the job had to close with the hotel because all hotels closed. I work from [a] takeaway, but I don’t do it anymore.

“I just got one little girl who does packing. She only gets couple dollars. We buy corn beef and things like that, and [canned] mackerel.”

Cooper’s husband, Jean Charles, an experienced drywall installer and security guard, claimed despite applying for benefits from NIB he has yet to receive assistance.


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