Is your definition of success missing this one thing?

Nothing strikes closer to the heart of what we truly value and believe than do our views of success and failure.

So, what is success? It can be difficult to get our minds around this elusive concept. Our thinking on this matter is deeply embedded in our subconscious mind, and at times it even surprises us. Many of us have a “number,” or amount of money, that seems to represent either security, success, or personal validation. It isn’t wrong to set a financial goal—but is it enough? What would success look like if we viewed it through a different lens, one that included other measures such as deepening friendships, reconciling with others, giving back, or learning to be better versions of ourselves through meditation and exercise?

Although the accumulation of wealth is certainly a prime motivator for many, success needs to be understood far more broadly. Those who see money and prestige as the primary measures of success are rarely happy and content. Quite the contrary. Sadly, many successful people who single-mindedly pursue those goals find they just don’t deliver where it matters most.


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