Dominican Republic: 59.1% of DR households lose income due to coronavirus

According to a survey prepared by the United Nations regarding the social and economic effects of the current coronavirus pandemic in the Dominican Republic, 59.1% of households expressed having suffered a significant reduction in their income sources due to the ongoing health emergency.

The study was carried out through the “Red Actúa,” which comprises agencies, funds, and programs of the United Nations System, community organizations, and institutions of the Dominican State.

The main reason for the economic change in households was the decrease in income or wages, with 36.7%. Other factors were the temporary loss or suspension of jobs, 18.8%, and the permanent loss of employment, 9.3%.

To measure the socio-economic effects of the covid-19 pandemic on the most impoverished population of the Dominican Republic and improve response and recovery, the United Nations System surveyed to measure the impact SEIA (acronym in English), in collaboration with non-profit associations, community-based organizations and the Unique System of Beneficiaries (SIUBEN).


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