How I fell in love with Walmart

I want to tell you about a place. A special place. A place where you drive up, a smiling face greets you by name, and your trunk is filled with affordable organic produce, your favorite locally made tortillas, outdoor toys to keep the kids occupied in these late summer days, and, shhh, maybe some Doritos.

There’s no extra cost for this service—no annual VIP pass auto-billed to your credit card like a surprise gut punch every January, no “is this really what I paid for two apples?” markups.

That’s because this special place is Walmart.

I know. I know. I can barely believe it either. I’m talking about Walmart. I have fallen in love with a Supercenter. And I can’t be the only one: Walmart just posted a record quarter for online sales, which grew a mind-numbing 97%, topping overall earnings projections by $2 billion to reach $137.74 billion. In the battle of the retail super giants, it’s Walmart that has nailed the way people want to shop today by investing in effective digital tools and contactless pickup. The system Walmart has built appears to be simplistic, but it’s actually a delicate balance of technology, infrastructure, and user interface that competitors Amazon and Target haven’t figured out yet.


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