US: AOC Snubs Biden, DNC During 90-Second Speech Nominating Bernie Sanders

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez once again signaled to Democratic party leaders, and the world, on Tuesday night that she would never support an “establishment” (aka non-Marxist) candidate like Joe Biden when she deliberately neglected the Veep during a 90-second speech nominating Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.

For those who don’t live in the democratic-socialist, rose-emoji fever swamps of left-wing twitter, or hipster-dominated Brooklyn, many of Bernie Sanders’ most hard-core supporters have been carrying on what they might call a “performative” campaign to win Sanders the nomination, more as a means to agitate the DNC, the left’s only real political goal at this point in its evolution.

Speaking after labor activist and lawyer Bob King officially nominated Sanders, AOC appeared to “second” his nomination, a “procedural” role which she blamed for the brevity of her 90 second spot, among the shortest of those speaking at the convention (since she isn’t a featured speaker).


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