Jamaica: Westmoreland Gets Simulation Training Centre For Bikers

Western Bureau:

For Dave Beckford, a motorcyclist of Negril, Westmoreland, Sunday’s opening of the simulation training centre in Petersfield, in that parish for cyclists is a step in the right direction, which he thinks will help to reduce the high incidents of motorcycle crashes and fatalities in the parish.

“This is a very good move in having a training centre in the parish because since we commenced the training, we realise that we have had fewer accidents, which is good,” Beckford told The Gleaner. “And the way we rode to come to the training, all the way from Negril into Petersfield, was excellent. We took our time, followed the rules and road codes.”

“To my fellow bikers out there, try to live safely, drive good, because our lives matter. Try to be a safe driver at all times. Don’t bother with the ‘wheeling’ and driving on the white line and all these things that don’t make no sense,” continued Beckford. “We have families at home… who want to see us live until we grow old.”


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