Guyana: Exclusion of top PNCR officials from House aimed at clearing way for Harmon – analysts

The exclusion by the PNCR of senior party officials such as Volda Lawrence, Basil Williams and Amna Ally from its list of parliamentarians is intended to pave the way for former Minister of State, Joseph Harmon to play the premier role in the House for APNU+AFC and to become Opposition Leader, analysts say.

This gambit, analysts say, underlines the pivotal  link between former President David Granger and Harmon which was evident from the day APNU+AFC entered office in 2015 and the latter was named Minister of State and seen as a likely successor to Granger.

With Granger shunting aside top party leaders from the MPs list,  analysts say it is left to be seen whether there is pushback to Granger and Harmon from the PNCR whose image has been battered by the failed five-month attempt to hand APNU+AFC a rigged victory at the March 2nd general elections.


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