US: A COVID Victim’s Daughter Gave the Most Pointed Speech of the Night

On its first night, the organizers of the Democratic National Convention sought to hit emotionally resonant notes with choreographed patriotic songs and, more seriously, interviews with victims of and experts on racial violence. But after a string of politicians and experts condemned the president and spoke to the ills of a divided country, one of the night’s most powerful moments came when a regular citizen showed up to talk about the coronavirus pandemic.

After New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke to the nation’s failures on the pandemic, the video cut to a woman named Kristin Urquiza, giving a direct address to the camera from her home. Urquiza gained sudden national prominence when she penned an obituary for her father, who died from COVID-19 on June 30. Mark Anthony Urquiza had fallen ill after going to a karaoke bar with his friends when the stay-at-home order was lifted in Arizona. In her father’s obituary, Urquiza expressed anger with her grief. And on Monday night, almost immediately, she launched into where she placed the blame for her father’s death:


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