This Chrome trick will finally make your to-do list useful

Until recently, I’d never been a daily to-do list person.

While setting out goals for the day is a great idea in theory, the habit was too easy for me to ignore. Instead of starting my day with apps such as Todoist or Things, I’d always dive right into email, Slack, and my usual round of must-read websites before tackling whatever deadlines seemed most pressing.

Over the past few weeks, however, I’ve made a little change that’s vastly improved my day-to-day organization: I’ve replaced my web browser’s new tab page with one that has a to-do list built in. Adding a task list to the one app I use the most has made those daily goals inescapable.

Here are a few different apps you can use to set up to-do lists on your own new tab page in Chrome, Firefox, or any browser with Chrome extension support, such as the new Microsoft Edge.


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