Behave is a new better-for-you candy that wants you to be a little bit naughty

A recent study reported that 36% of people had increased the amount of candy they were eating during the pandemic. Survey or not, it should come as no surprise that over the months of the pandemic, people have been seeking out any comfort they can, and for many that comes through food.

Some people bake bread. Others bury their faces in cookies, as sales boosts appear to indicate.

Looking up and down the candy aisle, though, Mayssa Chehata couldn’t find anything that spoke to her. Here she was, a vet of Uber, SoulCycle, and Daily Harvest—a millennial adult looking to satisfy her sweet tooth—but nothing hit the spot.

“I kept asking myself, why isn’t there anything in that aisle that will satisfy my craving but isn’t full of sugar?” she says. “Also, from a branding perspective, I was looking for something that wasn’t just aimed at kids, or super-premium and high-end. There wasn’t anything in that happy medium. So I was looking for a better option.”


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