US: Bloody Weekend – Dozens Shot Across Chicago, NYC

The rise in violent crime this summer across some of America’s top metro areas continued over the weekend, with dozens of shootings seen in Chicago and New York. 

NBC Chicago reports violent crime surged over the weekend, with some of the highest numbers recorded for the month. More than 60 people were shot and five died of their injuries. The chaos started early Friday evening and continued into Monday morning. The most recent fatal shooting was early Monday when a 29-year-old was gunned down on the 2400 block of South Trumbell.

The weekend before, Chicago observed 40 shootings and four deaths. A noticeable tick up in violent crime has been realized on a week over week basis.

Crime stats website HeyJackass! provides visuals of the crime spike this past weekend. On a 30 day basis, 415 people have been shot, and 69 killed. 


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