The Company Behind Fortnite Is Waging a Righteous War Against Apple

Last week, Epic, makers of the blockbuster game Fortnite, engineered an antitrust lawsuit against Apple: The company violated one of Apple’s most indefensible (and jealously guarded) rules, waited for Apple to punish it, then immediately filed suit and pushed a brilliant PR campaign to accompany it. That PR operation included a mix of angry tweetstorms from Epic CEO Tim Sweeney and slick media, including a pitch-perfect parody of Apple’s 1984 Macintosh launch ad featuring a Fortnite warrior smashing a screen on which a totalitarian anthropomorphic apple drones on about its plans for total dominance.

Epic’s lawsuit and PR campaign represent an expensive speculative bet that Apple would remove the Fortnite app (antitrust lawyers don’t work cheap), but the company was certain that Apple would rise to the bait. Likewise, Epic is risking a lot in this lawsuit, but it is in line for a huge payoff if it triumphs.


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