The 10 Scariest Election Scenarios, Ranked

As the election nears, anxieties are growing over the possibility that President Donald Trump will try to cling to power if he loses to former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump, for his part, is strongly hinting he will not accept any loss as a legitimate result. On Thursday, the president said that he’s deliberately blocking funding to the United States Postal Service in order to prevent people from voting by mail in the midst of the pandemic, which he claims, without evidence, will result in mass fraud. In the past week alone, he has also accused Democrats of trying to “steal an election” by supporting mail-in balloting, claimed that “China and Russia” are going to “be grabbing plenty of” fraudulent mail-in ballots, and that we’ll “never know who won the election” if courts don’t step in to stop people from voting by mail. On Friday, it was reported that the U.S. Postal Service is informing leaders in key states of a “significant risk” that some ballots “will not be returned by mail in time to be counted.” In the past, Trump has refused to say that he would accept an election loss, and his Attorney General William Barr has testified that he might use the Department of Justice to stop ballots from being counted if requested to do so by the president.


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