Where Will We End Up in Cuba?

The current situation is worrying again, especially in Havana, where new positive cases of COVID-19 are appearing every day.  We have gone back to phase 0 of the recovery process, all thanks to some people’s lack of awareness.

Going into phase 1, which happened just over a month ago, I had a few things pretty clear. The first, no beach, as it’s the holidays and “coming out” of the pandemic, it’s clear that this would be the perfect destination for most Cubans.

Secondly, not to visit anyone for now, because if everybody begins to visit each other, to give each other hugs and kisses, when the chance of asymptomatic cases is real, then the result could be (and is in fact) chaos. This is exactly why we have had to take a step back, and our Havana is back in phase zero.

I left home very few times, as I live with a person who is at high-risk and I don’t want to expose her at all. However, the times I’ve had to go into work, I’ve taken every hygiene and protective measure. That’s when I experienced the reality we are living in right now, the one that has put back at the starting line.


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