Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. Here’s why it matters more than ever

Each year Black Women’s Equal Pay Day marks the number of days a Black woman must work into the year to earn what her white male counterpart earned in the previous year.

In 2020, that dubious distinction falls today, August 13—226 days into the calendar year. (In contrast, white women caught up this year by April 9.) This is because for every dollar a white man earns, Black women earn $0.62.

And now this pay gap, which has not narrowed for Black women in the past 25 years, is at risk of increasing due to the coronavirus.

According to the nonprofit Equal Pay Today, Black women are more likely to work essential, low-wage jobs, making them both more susceptible to contracting the virus and more likely to suffer job instability. As of July’s job report, almost one in seven Black women were unemployed.


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