The group of the NDP has Wednesday in a letter of protest to assembly chairman Marinus Bee expressed its displeasure at the state of affairs during meetings in parliament. The group says it has identified cases that are in violation of the rules of procedure and the usual procedures and conventions in the National Assembly (DNA). Its members feel very limited to do their job, says the letter signed by party leader Rabin Parmessar.

NDP, who praised Marinus Bee less than a month ago, has serious difficulties with the way he leads the DNA meetings.

When the Ware Tijd DNA chairman Marinus Bee spoke in the early evening on Wednesday, he had not yet seen a letter from the NDP faction. “And I was in the office until 4:30. But even if I would have seen the letter, I would not respond because I do not want to communicate with the political groups in parliament in the media. When the NDP faction accuses the chairman of incorrect behavior. then I expect her to lead by example. ” The chairman said that when the letter first circulated in the media, there was a suspicion of bad faith. “We also had a household meeting and the NDP group didn’t say anything.”

At two meetings last week, Bee made it clear that this is a new parliament with a new leadership and that minor flaws will be made. During the meetings, NDP party member Melvin Bouva, vice-chairman in the previous parliament, among others, pointed out that things do not go according to the Order Regulations. Bee said to this that the politician should not think that the new leadership is apprenticed to him. Remarks by the chairman to members of the NDP group after their speeches with accusatory references to the NDP term have been called “unworthy and insulting to a chairman”.


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