Jamaica: Schoolboy Football In January? – Stakeholders Weigh In Amid Reports Of New Year Considerations

The recent spike in local COVID-19 cases and the continued absence of approved sports protocols could lead to a January 2021 start for the schoolboy football season, according to information reaching The Gleaner.

While noting that they are considering all options, a coy Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) president, Keith Wellington, did not rule out the possibility, but refused to confirm that a new year start for the marquee Manning and daCosta Cup competitions, as well as the Ben Francis and Walker Cup knockout tournaments, is among the considerations.

“I won’t discuss that option just yet. When I speak, I speak on the behalf of the people I represent,” Wellington told The Gleaner. “We are looking at all options, including not having any sports at all; but everything is still an option, including having it and not having it. I can’t say what the other options are, as we haven’t discussed them.”

The senior ISSA schoolboy football season also includes the Olivier Shield and Champions Cup.


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