Dominican Republic: The country already lives under mental crisis

The effects of imbalances in the emotional health of the Dominican population are being seen daily, as direct consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, overwhelming the capacity of health services to respond to the demand for care they receive.

The country already lives under mental crisis

This is stated by the Association of Health Psychologists (Asopsalud), noting that before the pandemic between six and seven patients were treated per shift in psychologists’ consultations, but since March there have been many changes in behavior human.

“People are more irritated, anxious, with symptoms of depression, have a sleep disorder and an increase in the consumption of psychoactive substances, especially alcohol,” said the president of the entity, María De Los Santos, when asked about the warning made recently by specialists from Psychiatry that the country must prepare for the mental health crisis that looms after Covid-19.

The psychology specialist said that this crisis is already being evidenced among patients who also have suicidal ideas and problems in the couple have increased and put as the most direct example of that the inability of the individual to abide by the curfew rules.


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