Bahamas: Cabinet approves Extended Stay Visa Programme – one year for work or study

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A recommendation for the introduction of an extended stay visa programme has been approved by Cabinet that will allow individuals to work or study from The Bahamas for a year.

The Extended Stay Visa Programme recommendation was made by the Economic Recovery Committee (ERC), and is a revamp of the country’s annual residency scheme.

It appears to be similar to a programme launched by Barbados last month.

The “Barbados Welcome Stamp” program targets remote workers to reside in Barbados visa-free for up to one year with tax incentives.

The details of the Bahamas programme are still being finalized, and will be fully launched with the re-opening of the country to international commercial traffic, according to a statement.

Kenwood Kerr, ERC co-chair, said: “The Extended Stay Visa Programme is a remodeling of the current annual residence regime, to expand its qualifying criteria and to make it easier and faster for persons to get consideration and approval.


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