Netflix docuseries ‘(Un)Well’ takes on the $4.5 trillion wellness industry

From celebrities peddling the latest crazes to holistic promises that skirt around big Pharma, it’s little wonder how the global wellness industry has ballooned to a staggering $4.5 trillion.

But are people actually getting well?

It’s a question at the heart of Netflix’s latest docuseries, (Un)Well.

“The wellness industry is just so enormous, and it’s so unregulated,” says executive producer Erica Sashin. “So the idea of looking at the wellness industrial complex was something we all felt was important to do.”

In six episodes, (Un)Well unpacks essential oils, tantric sex, breast milk for adult health, fasting, ayahuasca, and bee sting therapy, with interviews from the believers, skeptics, scientists, and entrepreneurs entangled within each industry.


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