Mathematicians say this is how to reopen your business

Math to the rescue! Fourteen mathematicians and biostatisticians have joined forces to help businesses reopen safely.

The group created a set of mathematical models tracing both business profits and infection risk of COVID-19 under varying scenarios. The results, published in Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, are useful: Businesses can operate successfully while preventing outbreaks—but only by following broad safety measures.

  1. Social distancing
  2. Robust sanitation of high-touch and shared spaces
  3. Accessible COVID-19 tests for symptomatic or exposed workers (necessary to confirm cases)
  4. A policy for case reporting and quarantine
  5. A work-from-home policy for as many employees as is feasible
  6. Mask, glove, and goggle wearing when not alone, along with frequent handwashing
  7. Fever scanning (they suggest a Kinsa smart thermometer)
  8. 30% lower working hours to lower exposure
  9. Quality ventilation equipment (UV purification system, new system)


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