DR has 69% of occupied virus beds and 79% of intensive care

The Dominican Republic yesterday had 1,413 people in beds intended for patients with covid-19, while 69% of beds and 79% of intensive care units in general are occupied.

The information was provided yesterday by the Minister of Health, Dr. Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, commenting on data from the epidemiological bulletin when he participated in a face-to-face press conference, together with businessmen and the Israeli embassy.

The number of positive cases as of the August 10, 2020 cutoff, 81,094 confirmed cases have been reported in the Dominican Republic, of which 595 are new, 6,680 are in hospital isolation and 27,402 in home isolation. Likewise, 45,666 people have recovered and 1,346 died. The number of new victims reached 18 yesterday, establishes official information.

The fatality rate is 1.66%; per million inhabitants, the fatality rate is 128.82 and for every one hundred thousand inhabitants it is 12.88.
The data is contained in bulletin number 145 issued by the General Directorate of Epidemiology, a dependency of the Ministry of Public Health.

Serious patients In intensive care units yesterday 293 people were in a state of gravity, in assisted ventilation there are 157 patients. 44.02% of seriously ill patients are in centers in Greater Santo Domingo, 25.94% in Santiago and 13.31% in the Duarte province.


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