Trinidad & Tobago: Reduced majority for PNM

It’s the People’s National Movement (PNM) again. But with a reduced majority.

The PNM has held on to government with a 22/19 election result, giving it a three-seat majority.

The party, which won 23 seats in the last general election in 2015, lost the Moruga/Tableland seat which it had won by the slimmest margin-533 votes- in 2015 and therefore the seat that it was most likely to lose.

It didn’t help that the PNM candidate, Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters, was seen as a rejected UNC candidate who, to the disappointment of many people, didn’t live in the area. The UNC candidate by contrast is from St Mary’s Village in the PNM’s stronghold within the constituency and she had been a successful councillor for two terms. Party insiders agreed that the PNM made a bad call with the candidate.


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