‘How much is my silence worth?’: Amid a racial reckoning, women are rejecting NDAs

On Juneteenth, Tiffany Wines published a litany of allegations concerning her former employer. “Complex Networks would and could not exist without Black art, Black consumers, and Black labor, but the company itself is not a safe space for its most vulnerable population: Black women,” she wrote in an open letter. “I want to address the toxic workplace culture steeped in misogyny, anti-Blackness, favoritism, rape culture, and pay inequity across demographic lines.”

Wines, who is Black and worked on the social media team at Complex, had signed a confidentiality agreement when she left the media company in February, in exchange for a severance payment of $15,000. For months beforehand, Wines says, she tried to work with HR after reporting her then-manager and requesting that she not be subjected to one-on-one meetings with him. “I just felt so uncomfortable with him,” Wines says. “I felt gaslighted. I felt demeaned. So that was why things came to a head. I was like, ‘I can’t work under this person anymore.’”


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