US: Experts optimistic about coronavirus vaccine, but ‘politicization of the process’ still a concern

The global moonshot to deliver a coronavirus vaccine in a matter of months appears to be in its final phase.

Billions of dollars, an army of scientists, thousands of volunteers and a federal effort dubbed “Operation Warp Speed” are all part of the unprecedented public-private race.

Experts who spoke to the Daily News said they’re optimistic one or more vaccines could gain FDA approval and reach the market early next year.

But some remain worried about a rush to the finish line.

Nearly 400 scientists and public health officials sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn Wednesday calling for a “transparent and rigorous FDA approval process that is devoid of political considerations.”

“One thing that worries many of us at the moment is the politicization of the process and a possible October surprise. Vaccine approval has to be done right,” John P. Moore, a virologist at Weill Cornell Medicine who helped draft the letter, told The News in a phone interview Friday.


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