TODAY the nation decides who, among 150 candidates, 19 political parties and four independents will form the next government, as 41 electoral seats are up for grabs in the general election. The campaign for the 2020 polls will forever be remembered as one shaped by the covid19 pandemic.

The People’s National Movement (PNM) won the 2015 election with 378,729 votes or 51.75 per cent, compared to the United National Congress’ (UNC) 290,074 votes (39.64 per cent). The next highest was the Congress of the People with 43,914 votes (six per cent) followed by the Independent Liberal Party and the National Joint Action Assembly, which both received one per cent of the vote.

The PNM won 23 seats while the UNC won the remaining 18. In 2015, the voter turnout was 66.8 per cent.


This year’s campaign has been different from all previous election campaigns thanks to the coronavirus. On Saturday, there were no final mega-rallies as covid19 restriction on public gatherings made this impossible. Because of this restriction, cottage meetings and public meetings became much smaller affairs streamed live for a virtual audience.


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