Minister Diana Pokie of Land Policy and Forest Management does not want to make a policy from her office. It wants to be in direct contact with citizens to learn about what is going on, “so that we can make better policy”. She said this on Sunday during her working visit to Nickerie. She had the same message in Commewijne and Wanica on Friday. Pokie wants to organize the processing of land applications in a distinctly different way from its predecessors.

The minister met the employees of the ministry’s branch office in Nickerie on Sunday. “We have also heard about the problems here and will adjust our policy accordingly.” The problems in the three districts visited are almost identical. It turns out that often the same site has been allocated more than once.

Another issue is that elderly people want to divide their parcels among their children. “But they can’t finish that,” says Pokie. It is often about land on which people have lived for years. “We don’t know why it takes so long that people don’t get a title on their lots, so they don’t have any certainty about it.”


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