More Evidence that Green Tea + Zinc Might Be Able to Help Fight Covid

The Washington Post noted in May:

It is one of the many mysteries of the coronavirus pandemic: Why has the death toll from covid-19 apparently been lower in Asia than in Western Europe and North America?

Even allowing for different testing policies and counting methods, and questions over full disclosure of cases, stark differences in mortality across the world have caught the attention of researchers trying to crack the coronavirus code.

The BBC pointed out last month that Japan has a mysteriously low death rate from Covid.

Fig 2

Voice of America News asked in June: How Did Vietnam Become Biggest Nation Without Coronavirus Deaths? 

And even though China is ground zero, it has experienced very low mortality compared to many Western nations.

Why are these Asian countries experiencing such low Covid mortality rates?

Correlation is obviously not causation. But as discussed below, there is some evidence that these Asian countries’ green tea consumption may be part of what is helping to prevent higher mortality (as it may also be doing with cancer and heart disease).

According to the World Green Tea Association, the biggest green tea drinkers are as follows:


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