“Lift Sanctions Now!” US Under Pressure To ‘Reinvest’ In Lebanon After Deadly Blast

Though US sanctions on Iran and Syria are well-known, what’s perhaps less known among the American public is that since 2019 the Trump administration has had “extra” sanctions in place on Lebanon. Specifically the US has tried to to squeeze Hezbollah and isolate it within Lebanese society, resulting in punitive sanctions on Hezbollah members of parliament, as well as any banks or other official entities doing business with the Shia paramilitary group.

The AP reported last year these targeted sanctions were taken to “unprecedented levels”. But now Washington is under pressure to soften the economic restrictions at a moment Beirut is still digging out bodies from under the rubble following the Aug.4 explosion centered on the port, considered the largest non-military munitions blast in history, also as Lebanon’s economy is still in tail-spin, with a collapsing local currency and banking crisis continuing from last year.


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