Cuba: Biden Presidency Won’t Return to Obama Era Cuba Relations

With the deterioration of U.S.-Cuba relations during the Trump administration, much of the agricultural initiatives developed during Obama’s Cuban Thaw were reversed, new restrictions were introduced, and the economic embargo was strengthened.

Early in his presidency, Trump released a statement extending the “National Emergency with Respect to Cuba” declaration arguing that mass migration and the unauthorized entry of Cuban vessels into the United States endangers national security.

Soon after, Title III of the Helms-Burton Act was activated for the first time. One of the law’s principal objectives was to discourage foreign businesses from doing business in Cuba by allowing American property claimants to sue them in United States courts for trafficking in confiscated property.

In this way, Title III cleared the way for lawsuits against foreign companies active in Cuba, especially those that were benefiting from the expropriation of US-owned companies and private property after the Cuban Revolution. Since Bill Clinton’s term in office, every United States president suspended this provision for fear of offending allies and complicating relations with Cuba.


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