Guyana: Granger says election result will be lawfully challenged, urges supporters to remain calm

Former President David Granger in a Facebook address today maintained his position that the declared results of the March 2nd elections were not acceptable and he accused the PPP/C government of giving former APNU+AFC government officials an unreasonable amount of time  to leave their lodgings.

Granger saidL “The PNC repeats its assertion that fraudulent votes should not have been held to represent the will of the electorate”. This, he said, “violates fundamental principles of democracy.” The Guyana Elections Commission declaration should have only been made on “valid” votes, he maintained, although several courts have clarified that the votes of the recount were valid.

“The PNC cannot endorse a flawed report and will continue its campaign to ensure that the votes of all Guyanese are accurately recorded, tallied and reported. The recount process revealed a plethora of anomalies”, Granger asserted.  

He added that the recount was meant to determine both the quantitative and qualitative character of the votes cast at the General and Regional Elections and to determine a final credible count  at the end of the recount.


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