Trinidad & Tobago: Rowley ridicules UNC dome plan

Ridiculing the United National Congress (UNC) proposal to build a dome around Trinidad and Tobago, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has joked he now understood the UNC’s job creation plan.

‘All the time I hear they saying they going to create 50,000 jobs…today …I got the job list: dome builders, dome operators, dome inspectors, dome janitors, dome developers, dome managers, dome painters, dome attendants, dome support officers and general dome service,’ he said, causing laughter.

Addressing a People’s National Movement (PNM) virtual meeting in La Brea on Tuesday night, Rowley said the UNC had to put out ‘something’ (a document on Covid) because of ‘their bad behaviour’.

Tongue in cheek, the Prime Minister said: ‘And, of course, the piece de resistance (of the UNC’s Covid plan) is item number seven, creating a dome around Trinidad and Tobago.’


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