Dominican Republic: Barrick to invest US $ 1.3 billion in expansion project

If there is a sector that will be able to contribute to the rapid dynamism of the Dominican economy, that is mining. The line mines and quarries are part of the primary sector indicated by international organizations like the one that will boost productive activity and, in this area, the mining company Barrick Pueblo Viejo intends to maintain its support for the country, in addition to its contribution in taxes for the rising price in the troy ounce of gold in international markets.

This is a projected investment of US $ 1.3 billion as part of its expansion project, aimed at increasing the production capacity of the metal, although this project is still under study. As part of its contributions, as of July this year 2020, the mining company paid the Treasury US $ 270 million in direct taxes, including advances, profits and royalties on sales of gold and silver in the first quarter, and US $ 14 million in indirect taxes. , even in the midst of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. In 2019, the contribution was US $ 194 million, which gives an idea of ​​the contribution of Barrick Pueblo Viejo only by way of liens.


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