It’s time to build a more thoughtful work-from-home strategy

As companies from Nationwide to Twitter are instituting permanent work-from-home policies in response to the pandemic, plenty of employees are left wondering if this is really what they signed up for. Remote collaboration, a laptop on a kitchen table, and no social time with coworkers isn’t working for everyone–even if it’s technically possible.

There are many elements that go into an effective work-from-home (WFH) strategy, including the necessary hardware and collaboration tools. But there is a clear difference between enabling remote working and enabling sustainable remote working.

Who knows, we may never get in-person team happy hours back, but there are things leaders can institute NOW to make sure their internal culture stays intact for the long haul.

A few years ago, our communications company, Hotwire, instituted our “thoughtful working” policy, which revolves around empowering staff to work how and where they get their best work done. Simply put, it means that we trust our employees to be the adults that they are: to be accountable and complete their work on time and to the highest quality, but to do so where, when, and how it makes the most sense for them. Thoughtful working shifts the focus to results (not time spent), strategy (not tactics), and effectiveness (not “busyness”).


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