Grenada: Traditional churches need to apologise for enslavement of black people

Arley Gill, Chairman of Grenada’s Reparation Commission, believes that the traditional churches such as the Catholic and Anglican which benefitted from the enslavement of black people need to apologise for the role they played in the trade which was abolished in 1838.

“It is important as a people that we recognise that the church has done us wrong as a people. The church must apologise and make good on the exploitation that they took part, active part, in the exploitation of black people,” said Gill, a former culture minister during the Tillman Thomas National Democratic Congress administration.

“The Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the Protestant churches they benefited directly, financially and otherwise from the enslavement of black people,” Gill said during an Emancipate Day virtual panel discussion organised by the Grenada Cultural Foundation.


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