Connected-Car Cyber-Attacks Have Skyrocketed, Up 99% In The Past Year

While the idea of “connected” cars seems like a logical and convenient path for the automotive industry to appease customers, it brings with it one major achilles’ heel: these vehicles are far more susceptible to cyberattacks than traditional cars. 

The personal data fraud that comes with connected cars has skyrocketed, with USwitch estimating that connected car cyberattacks have risen by 99% over the last year alone. 

The study noted that a Boeing 787 jet has about 6.5 million lines of code, while a standard connected car has about 100 million. Hackers need to only chance one small portion of this code to have access to your data, it says. As an example, cybercriminals stole the personal data of 380,000 people from British Airways by changing only 22 lines of code, out of thousands, the report notes.


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