Jamaica: No Free-For-All – Judges Rule There Must Be Limits On Freedom Of Expression In Dreadlocks Case

Sherine Virgo and her husband, Dale Virgo, outside the Supreme Court in Kingston on Friday, July 31.

The lawsuit challenging a decision by a Jamaican public school not to enrol a then five-year-old girl because of her dreadlocks is about self-expression and not religious rights and freedoms.

That’s according to the full transcript of the controversial ruling of the Constitutional Court in the lawsuit filed against Kensington Primary School, located in St Catherine, and the Jamaican State by the parents of the minor.

The full judgment was made public late Monday even as it continues to stoke emotions locally and garner international attention.

The panel of three judges – Justices Sonia Bertram-Linton, Evan Brown, and Nicole Simmons – who heard the lawsuit also nudged lawmakers to consider enacting legislation governing dress codes in public schools.


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