From AI to at-home care: The hospital of the future looks nothing like today’s

The hospital of the future will be smaller, specialized, flexible, and more comfortable. And, because of the coronavirus pandemic, it could be coming a lot sooner than anyone expected.

These are the main findings of a new report from Deloitte Consulting on future business models that will reshape the form and function of hospitals around the world. Researchers surveyed health, technology, and customer experience workers in mid-January, just before the spread and severity of the coronavirus was apparent, and then interviewed a handful of experts in April. The resulting feedback showed that people expect hospital changes to accelerate. “The timeline is significantly shortened in terms of when people thought these changes would take place,” says Kulleni Gebreyes, a principal at Deloitte and a coauthor of the report.

Here are a few ways experts think hospitals and the hospital experience will change in a post-pandemic world.


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