Suriname: Coughing ex-Covid-19 patient causes consternation at CBB

According to director Dennis Menso, the provisional closure of the headquarters of the Central Bureau of Civil Affairs (CBB) on Jagernath Lachmonstraat on Tuesday relates to an official who returned to work after being sick from Covid-19. The employee would not have reported that she was infected with the new corona virus.

When the woman coughed on the work floor on Tuesday, consternation arose in the tent. Officials ran out of fright and the services were immediately discontinued. As a precaution, it was then decided to disinfect the place.

Menso emphasizes that the civil servant was not infected at work, but outside it. Because the infections increase daily, a fear arose when the employee appeared at work.

Now that the head office has been closed, the service has stopped. The public can only use the services again on Monday. When asked, the director told the Ware Tijd  that there are no alternatives for people who had to obtain documents at the head office.


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