Is the Pandemic Over in Cuba?

As long as the opposite is not proven, the daily figures that Cuba reports officially on the Covid-19 are real. Based on this premise, the work carried out since the appearance of the first cases in March has been good, because almost the entire country is now free of the disease, and the epicenter of infections, Havana, reports fairly low figures for weeks.

Now, even relying on these numbers, it is difficult to give the final blow to the disease, because its characteristics make its control quite complex.

Almost all of Cuba was free of the virus, but a source recently emerged in Bauta, a municipality in the Artemisa province quite close to the capital, and where the necessary measures were obviously not being taken.

I say this because officially Havana should be isolated from the rest of the country, and at least all state transportation was in tune with this restriction, but private drivers are not.

Being close to the capital, there are many inhabitants of Bauta who work in Havana, and after entering the first phase of recovery, they had to return to their jobs, and consequently, travel.


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