Guyana: ‘GECOM counted spoiled votes’

APNU+AFC’s Mahipaul says National Recount riddled with illegalities

NOT only was the National Recount illegal but it was conducted in an illegal manner when the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) took it upon itself to count and validate ballots deemed as spoiled for more than half of the process.

This was highlighted by former APNU+AFC Counting Agent during the National Recount, Ganesh Mahipaul, at an interview with radio 104.1 Guyana Lite FM on Monday. Mahipaul said that while some politicians are seeking to uphold the National Recount as legitimate, Guyana’s apex Court has already picked it apart for being “in tension” with the Constitution while other acts during the process, under the Elections Commission’s watch, have also rendered it illegal.

In telling of some of the wrongdoings that took place during the recount that many have overlooked, Mahipaul explained that one of the ways a ballot paper is deemed spoiled is when an elector makes a mistake that they wish to and can undo. For example, if an elector, in the process of voting, mistakenly places his/her ‘X’ for a political party that he/she had no intention of voting for, the elector can approach the Presiding Officer (PO) for a replacement.


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