Dominican Republic: Moscoso Puello Hospital maintains attention despite being full

Despite the fact that from the first day that its covid-19 area was enabled it was completely occupied by admitted patients, the Dr. Francisco Moscoso Puello Hospital continues to assist people who require rapid tests and PCR, in addition to evaluating the availability of more beds for new hospitalizations.

This health center located in the north of the National District has 16 beds for covid-19 patients and 12 in the intensive care unit (ICU), which are located in an area that was specifically prepared for these cases and that since that began to work, on Friday the 17th of this month, it has been fully occupied.

However, the health authorities are evaluating the four-story building, which does not connect with the rest of the hospital, with the aim of expanding the covid-19 area with the addition of 16 more beds.

In conjunction with the new spaces, 26 doctors and more than 40 nurses were hired, who are undergoing training to treat those infected with the coronavirus, as well as technicians and security personnel for this wing of the Moscoso Puello hospital.


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