Barbados: Competition will see Barbadians growing their own crops

In the interest of food security and to help Barbados reduce its high food import bill, Victory Gardens Caribbean, in partnership with FarmFinder and the National Conservation Commission, is launching an eight-week challenge for first time gardeners to successfully grow their own crops.

Just yesterday, Adrian Reid, Co-Founder of Victory Gardens Caribbean, gave details of the 2020 Grow Barbados Challenge, as organisers, partners and sponsors met in the National Conservation Commission’s (NCC) Training Room, to speak about its launch.

Pointing out that Victory Gardens Caribbean is a faith-based, urban farming, food security company dedicated to empowering homes and communities with the skills, knowledge and products to become more food secure, economically sustainable and healthier by growing their own food at home, Reid noted that through the new challenge, Barbadians will get the opportunity to grow Chinese cabbage, okras, lettuce or cucumbers over the allotted time period and afterwards, will also get some valuable assistance in sustaining what they have started.


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